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These videos are intended for the do it yourself (DIY) car guy.  We've covered many how-to's from the simple head light removal, all the way to the complex evo transfer case removal and turbo install.

Want to see the difference between an evo 8 and an evo 9 turbo?
read here: http://www.boostedfilms.com/joomla/evo-8-vs-9-differences

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This page is going to show you the differences between an 05 evo 8 turbo and an 06 evo 9 turbo.

Keep in mind an 05 turbo has a bigger hotside than 03 and 04 evo turbos.

So, the 05 turbo hotside is the same as the 06(evo 9), however the coldside on the evo 9 is bigger than all evo 8 turbo coldsides(03-05).


in summary  03-04 < 05 < 06.


for reference from now on, I will refer to the turbos as follows.

03-04= evo 8 turbo

05 = evo 8.5 turbo

06 = evo 9 turbo


Evo 9 turbo left, Evo 8.5 turbo right.


evo 9 turbo. Pay attention to the C. The C lets you know it is an evo 9 turbo.


evo 8.5 turbo below.  notice the 10.5. this indicates the size of the hotside(even though it is stamped on the coldside).  [B]If this were a 03-04 turbo, it would say 9.8 instead of 10.5[/B]


Once apart, the coldside difference in size is very noticeable.  evo 9 turbo left, evo 8 turbo right.


Oil feed line differences.  I believe the 8 line got bent, but either-way, they are different.   9 turbo left, 8.5 turbo right.


This coolant line is different. As you can see, the evo 9 coolant line is longer/bigger to accommodate the larger housing.


The oil return lines look very similar, however the 9 is longer than the 8.


J-pipes are also different, 9 turbo left, 8 turbo right.


And just for fun, evo 9 turbo, evo 8 turbo, 14B DSM turbo, 13G dsm turbo cover.



In summary, if you are going to put an evo 9 turbo on your evo 8, you should get all the 9 coolant and oil lines as well as a 9 j-pipe.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 April 2015 01:15 )

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